Pat Fickley

I’ve been making jewelry for about 20 years. I specialize in making custom pieces for weddings, mother’s birthstone pieces, etc.

I am always looking for workshops to learn new techniques. I follow all the major fashion houses for color and style trends. I love it when I come up with brand new ideas and can’t wait to experiment.

I wanted to open an online shop for the last 5 years but was always too afraid to try. I started by creating about 100 necklaces and bracelets.

To make sure I was on the right track, I had a marketing party and invited friends and family to judge each piece on color, visual appeal and wearability – with nothing on the ballots identifying who was filling it out. All but 2 scored very well!

I then tried for months to come up with a shop name and finally realized there was no better name than my grandmothers, Anna and Colette. My grandmother Anna and all of my aunts – her daughters – were heavy into crafts of all kinds. My grandmother Colette had to quit school in 6th grade when her mother died so she could take care of her older brothers as she was the only girl. She was a very hard worker and insisted on quality work whether it was teaching me to cook when I spent time at her house, or helping her do laundry with her wringer washer and clothes line. They were both such a heavy influence as to who I am today it just seemed perfect.

I can work with you to customize colors for your wedding, birthstones for a mother’s necklace or bracelet, or any number of other options. Please contact me. I can send expanded color charts. I do not keep all colors in inventory but I will order whatever colors will work best for your custom pieces. I would love to work with you.

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